Sociology 101, Professor’s Lecture #1 Atticus Review

Tell your young eyes to listen. There’s a reason this is my first lesson. No matter how much yours plead, growing wistful, don’t give them what they want: a prettied past. Make them SEE.

Patriotism storySouth

Cheryl was so mad, she thought she’d explode. She sat in front of the fireplace reading the paper.

Watching Alice Watch storySouth

Alice didn’t budge when he tickled the woman’s ribs until she laughed and one of her legs rose, crossing the other like a crane’s.

In My Brother’s Hands Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry & Prose

I watched my brother, and he watched the thing in the water.

Witness Voices de la Luna

Like all artists, I was born a witness. I watch and listen. I notice.

Writing through Grief Engine Books News

Fiction writers have long channeled grief over the death of a loved one into their work, but that impulse is intensified when the person commits suicide.

PechaKucha San Antonio

Nan participated in PechaKucha 12 on Nov. 19, 2013, held at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. PechaKucha Nights bring together creative people and appreciative audiences in a unique slideshow and spoken essay format.

Love, Memory Connotation Press

The way I remember it, I tried like hell not to marry him.

The Life and Deaths of Henry Lee Lucas Third Coast

As a journalist in the early 1980s, Nan reported on theories regarding the origins of extraordinary violence. Here she describes her case study, confessed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Profile of a Killer D Magazine

Is Henry Lee Lucas a vicious murderer of numerous strangers across the country, or a down-and-out drifter who became a scapegoat for overanxious lawmen?