“Dobie fellowship fosters Texas writers” by Steve Bennett

“It is truly extraordinary what it offers Texas writers,” Cuba said during a recent hike around the ranch on a crisp day with a gas-flame blue sky. “The stipend is great, of course, but it’s the six months here — six months! — that you get to work on your own work. We want to produce great writing in Texas, and the Dobie helps us do that. I feel a real responsibility here, a commitment, to get to work.

“Look, I’m a first-time author, and I’m 68,” added Cuba, who is spending her ranch-time on a “tragicomic novel in the vein of a Coen brothers movie” about a serial killer, based on interviews she did in the ’80s with “one-eyed drifter” Henry Lee Lucas. “And still, the judges said let’s give her a shot. It feels like I won the Texas Pulitzer, it really does.”

Dobie fellows — nearly 100 of them in an elite club…

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