Conversation: Nan Cuba and Inkstravaganza (Oct. 4, 2014)

Rivard Report
By Thomas Payton

“When I first moved to San Antonio in 2010, Nan Cuba was one of the first people I met. After that night, I knew I’d love this city.

I’d seen Nan’s name over the years in various literary publications and settings. I was happy to finally meet her. What I did not take for certain was that I’d be welcomed with such warmth and hospitality, combined with a quick engagement with and openness to new ideas. That is who Nan is, short and sweet.

Of course, Nan is known to most for having founded the nationally acclaimed literary arts center, Gemini Ink. Many in San Antonio, outside of the world of books and writing, don’t know how grandly Gemini Ink’s reputation stands. Indeed, talented staff, committed funders, passionate board members, and loyal students go a long way to make that happen. But at its foundation, the vision and keen execution in those early years seems all-Nan, and it became the infrastructure for what Gemini Ink is today. …

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